Buy 'em, cut 'em out, send 'em in

About Moo-la Coordinators

At Sarah Farms Moo-la Coordinator is a volunteer who runs the Sarah Farms Moo-la program at your school. An enthusiastic Moo-la coordinator makes all the difference in how successful you school's Moo-la program is!

What does a Moo-la coordinator do?
A great coordinator educates and motivates parents, families, faculty, and staff about the Sarah Farms Moo-la program at your school. They'll make sure you know deadlines, goals, and the school's earnings progress! Most importantly they will organize and submit all the labels collected by the school.

How can you help?
Moo-la Coordinators appreciate and need all the help they can get!

  • Let your coordinator know you'd like to be a part of their team! (They need a lot of help especially near submission times)
  • Send your labels to school in bundles of 10's
  • If you're interested in becoming a coordinator, ask a member of your schools staff. Then check out this website for resources and tools!