Buy 'em, cut 'em out, send 'em in

HOW does the Sarah Farms Moo-la program work?

Cut out and save the label off any half gallon or gallon of Sarah Farms milk (Fat Free, 1% Lowfat, Reduced Fat 2%, Vitamin D, and Chocolate).

Collect and turn them into your teacher or your school's Moo-la Coordinator. Earn a dime per label. Ten labels equals $1, it's that easy!

Ask your family members, neighbors and friends to save their labels for you.

How does the Sarah Farms Moo-la get to your school?

Choose a volunteer to be your school's Sarah Farms Moo-la Coordinator. They will collect all the Sarah Farms milk labels, make sure the paper work is filled out properly and send the labels in to collect your school's Moo-la! The check is sent directly to the school.