Sarah Farms is family owned by the Hettinga family. Sarah Farms is named for Hein’s only daughter, GH dairy is named after Hein’s oldest son Gerben Hettinga. Our dairy heritage goes back to 1711 with ancestors in the Netherlands. We are seventh generation dairy producers.

In 1994 Hein Hettinga opened the first processing plant in Yuma Arizona. Sarah Farms was named after Hein's only daughter. GH Processing which is named after Gerben who is Hein's oldest son was opened in 2005 to supply California standard milk to southern California. The newest plant (GH Dairy) opened in 2008 in El Paso TX and supplies milk to Texas and New Mexico. The company is still family owned and operated. All three plants produce the Sarah Farms brand dairy products with pride. Sarah Farms has become widely known as the highest quality dairy products you can buy.

  • We milk our cows to supply our plants with the highest quality milk
  • We have never used artificial hormones in our cows
  • We only use real sugar in all of our flavored milk