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About Sarah Farms

Find Fresh Milk Products in El Paso, TX

A little local goes a long way. 
  • From the time a calf is born, Sarah Farms cares for the quality of its milk until it arrives on store shelves. We raise our own cows and even formulate our own feed. You’ll find the freshest milk under our label, as we get milk from the cow to the store in 24 hours or less.
  • We have several kinds of milk available, including fat-free milk, 1% low-fat milk, 2% reduced-fat milk and whole milk. Discover the difference freshness makes by drinking Sarah Farms milk. You’ll love it!
Our Products

We Farm with Pride

If you’re looking for something different, Sarah Farms offers an array of other dairy products, including flavored milk. We’re proud to sell:

Looking for fresh milk? you'll find it under Sarah Farms label

For the freshest milk, think Sarah Farms. As a milk distributor based in El Paso, Texas, we pride ourselves on offering you the best quality skim, low-fat and whole milk we can produce. We offer:

  • 0%Fat Free
  • 1%Low Fat
  • 2%Reduced Fat
  • DVitamin D
SQF Level III Certified Facility

GH Dairy is an SQF Level III Certified Facility. Meeting the SQF Standard assures that our products have been produced, processed, prepared and handled according to the highest possible standards, at all levels of the supply chain.

  • From grass to glass in 24 hours Our milk gets from the cow to the customer in 24 hours. We focus on quality, from the time the calf is born until the milk arrives at the store.
  • From our own local farms Sarah Farms raises its own cows and makes its own feed for a super-fresh product that’s distributed to individuals, grocery stores, ice cream shops and other area retailers.
  • It comes in all sizes Each is available in 8-ounce, half-gallon and gallon sizes. Everything but the 1% is available in 16-ounce and 32-ounce containers.
About our Products

We are More Than Just Milk

Producing delicious dairy products for seven generations.

  • Other Dairy Products
  • Flavored Milk
  • Juices
  • Milk

Sarah Farms™ Moo-la gives back to your school simply for drinking our milk!

  • #1 Cut out and save the label off any half gallon or gallon of Sarah Farms milk (Fat Free, 1% Lowfat, Reduced Fat 2%, Vitamin D, and Chocolate).
  • #2 Collect and turn them into your teacher or your school's Moo-la Coordinator. Earn a dime per label. Ten labels equals $1, it's that easy!
  • #3 Ask your family members, neighbors and friends to save their labels for you.


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What Our Clients Say

Went on a field trip with my son to visit a dairy production facilities. They brought in a cow for the students to tie the experience together. We had a.

Derick Brookman

I tried Sarah farms whipped cream for the first time today and I love it! Its so creamy and fresh. It compliments my hot beverages perfectly. I am looking forward to.

Stephanie Dozier

The cream I purchased at Costco from your farm was Wonderful. Nice & thick like it used to be when you skimmed it off the milk that came in bottles..

Susan Ivors

Highest Standard of production and quickest production from cow to to customer. No Hormones. Freshest and best tasting milk..

John Falvey