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About Sarh Farms

Find Fresh Milk Products in El Paso, TX

A little local goes a long way. 
  • From the time a calf is born, Sarah Farms cares for the quality of its milk until it arrives on store shelves. We raise our own cows and even formulate our own feed. You’ll find the freshest milk under our label, as we get milk from the cow to the store in 24 hours or less.
  • We have several kinds of milk available, including fat-free milk, 1% low-fat milk, 2% reduced-fat milk and whole milk. Discover the difference freshness makes by drinking Sarah Farms milk. You’ll love it!

Our Policy

GH Dairy is committed to making the highest quality dairy products at the most affordable prices to our customers. Our employees practice the safest and best manufacturing practices to ensure high quality products to all people who enjoy our dairy products. We operate under the safest conditions to ensure the health and well-being of our employees.

Our Mission

To be the #1 dairy supplier in the southwest providing on-time deliveries of the highest quality dairy products at the lowest sustainable prices. To continue to grow our business by providing the best quality service and price to our customers so that we may grow together. To continue to grow our team by providing a safe and friendly workplace for our associates.

Our Dairy Heritage Goes Back to


About Sarh Farms

Our History

Sarah Farms is family owned by the Hettinga family. Sarah Farms is named for Hein’s only daughter, GH dairy is named after Hein’s oldest son Gerben Hettinga. Our dairy heritage goes back to 1711 with ancestors in the Netherlands. We are seventh generation dairy producers.

In 1994 Hein Hettinga opened the first processing plant in Yuma Arizona. Sarah Farms was named after Hein’s only daughter. GH Processing which is named after Gerben who is Hein’s oldest son was opened in 2005 to supply California standard milk to southern California. The newest plant (GH Dairy) opened in 2008 in El Paso TX and supplies milk to Texas and New Mexico. The company is still family-owned and operated. All three plants produce the Sarah Farms brand dairy products with pride. Sarah Farms has become widely known as the highest quality dairy product you can buy.

  • We milk our cows to supply our plants with the highest quality milk

  • We have never used artificial hormones in our cows

  • We only use real sugar in all of our flavored milk

Eco Smarts

Sarah Farms, has established as one of its priorities the conservation and procurement of the environment through different projects. Some of these projects are:
  • #1 Currently at one of our facilities we have a solar panel farm. This was done to reduce green house emissions and help preserve the environment, thinking about future generations.
  • #2 Our operating procedures are designed to capture waste and recycle it at the same time; this is done to reduce our consumption of cardboard and plastics.
  • #3 Our farms are designed to recycle and treat waste water through our water treatment system.
  • #3 Our way of doing business is designed to eliminate all unnecessary steps. We focus on the most important steps which are food cultivation for our cows and all the way to our consumer’s table. Literally from the seed and all the way to our value customer’s table.
SQF Level III Certified Facility

GH Dairy, El Paso facility is committed in making only the highest quality products available to our customers and consumers. Throughout the dairy chain, we take responsibility for ensuring that our products and production methods are safe and meet the agreed specifications and government requirements.

GH Dairy is a SQF level III Certified Facility. Meeting the SQF Standard assures that our products have been produced, processed, prepared and handled according to the highest possible standards, at all levels of the supply chain.

GH Dairy in-house testing lab uses only analytical methods that are AOAC, BAM, and /or Standard Methods approved. The lab is certified to conduct drug residue screening tests for PMO, Appendix N regulatory actions.



What Our Clients Say

Went on a field trip with my son to visit a dairy production facilities. They brought in a cow for the students to tie the experience together. We had a.

Derick Brookman

I tried Sarah farms whipped cream for the first time today and I love it! Its so creamy and fresh. It compliments my hot beverages perfectly. I am looking forward to.

Stephanie Dozier

The cream I purchased at Costco from your farm was Wonderful. Nice & thick like it used to be when you skimmed it off the milk that came in bottles..

Susan Ivors

Highest Standard of production and quickest production from cow to to customer. No Hormones. Freshest and best tasting milk..

John Falvey